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Images are printed on a 450 gsm gesso coated 100% cotton canvas created specifically for wide format canvas printing. This allows us to provide the warmth and feel of canvas while still allowing for crisp detail and vivid colours for each piece we create. Your canvas options are print only (with 1” un-printed border on all sides), printed and coated, mounted on hardboard or stretched on either a 5/8” or 1 1/2” frame. With the exception of canvas only prints all canvases are protected by a UV coating providing fade and scratch resistance. Canvases are then stretched on kiln dried stretcher frames creating a product that will be tight and sag free for years. 

Canvas edges are available a variety of options to compliment your image. Mirrored Wrap, Image Wrap, Black, White or a custom colour of your choice. Please specify when ordering.

  • Mirrored – The perimeter of the image is copied, reversed and applied to the extend the image around the sides of the frame. A blurring effect is added so the border does not contrast with the front of the canvas. 
  • Image Wrap – The image wraps around sides of frame
  • Black, White and Custom Colour Edges – A coloured band is added to the perimeter of your image which wraps around the edges of the frame. Black and white are the most popular choices, or you can select a colour from the image itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super Plak?
Super Plak has been providing high quality plak mounting, dry mounting and laminating services since 1992. We count galleries, camera shops, photographers, artists, printers, and many more among our clients. Since then we began offering wide format printing as well as canvas printing, mounting and stretching.
What is Plak Mounting?
Plak mounting is a process where your image is mounted to a 3/8” substrate and then protected by an Ultra Matte UV laminate. Your plak is then edged to create a sleek beveled look and finished with your choice of 16 available edge colors and patterns. A key hole is provided in the back of each Super Plak allowing quick and easy hanging just about anywhere.
What can I Super Plak?
You can Super Plak almost any image. Some examples are photographs, child's art, posters, news and magazine articles, certificates and awards, advertising materials, ink jet prints and much, much more.
How long does it take? 
Most orders take only a few days to complete not including shipping. Faster service and expedited shipping may be available. Call us and let us know how we can help.
Is Super Plak expensive?
Not at all. Super Plak is very reasonable priced and provides an option for you and your clients where budget is key. No extra matting, no expensive frames, and no glass to break. No more assembly means no expensive equipment and no more fumbling around with costly inventory.
How does it work? 
Send us your images and we do the rest. At Super Plak, we inspect and package your images and then back to you they go. All you do is unpack and display your plaks – it's that simple! This allows you to apply your time and energy to making your show a success.

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